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Adding fun and efficiency

to learning through

 “The Power of Play!

Do your kids run for cover when the “school books” come out?  If so, please stop to consider why you are homeschooling.  If “develop a love for learning” is on your list of why’s, you may want to take a second look at your “curriculum.”  In many cases, a game or activity can accomplish the same scholastic goals with a minimum of stress and with the added benefit of promoting a love of learning rather than an aversion to “school.” We encourage you to take a few minutes and explore our website for some great ideas in combining family fun, games and learning into one awesome approach to education.  The big plus is that we have incorporated “learning styles” into the assessment of all games listed.  Keep on coming back since this website will continuously be updated with new important information.


Grade Level

“Do you realize that it takes only 10-20 repetitions through play instead of 400  repetitions normally to create a new synapse in the brain.”

To determine your learning style and your child's....

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