The whole family can dig into a topic of interest with a package of related resources.

These packages are designed to give your children a relaxed and open-ended experience with a topic.  There is no schedule or “guide” because every child is different, and each family will have their own way of using the various materials. In our experience, simply using and reading the materials selected as they work for your schedule and lifestyle will bear much fruit.  You may find that you and/or your children find creative ways to use or add to the components of the package.  They may want to pursue further study or create a project inspired by something in the package.  You may decide to use the books included for your Language Arts program by including some spelling, writing or narration activities.  You may not even use part of the package, in which case, you are welcome to return any new, unused item for a partial refund.

 The Game Curriculum Unit Study Packages can be purchased “as is” or, you can customize the package to better fit you family by either emailing us at eiebookstore@gmail.com or phoning us during business hours (M-F 11am-5pm) and discussing the changes you want to make.  We welcome any questions or comments.


History of U.S. Flag & Pledge

Do you know the history of our American Flag?  Do you know what it symbolizes?  How about the Pledge of Allegiance?  This is a fascinating study for the whole family that goes far beyond the Betsy Ross story.  The Game Curriculum has put together materials that will enlighten and encourage all ages to learn more about our great country, our founding principles and important traditions.

We begin with Lee Greenwood’s  (click on link for Lee Greenwoods story and hear him sing the song.) inspiring musical tribute to America and those who sacrificed to keep us free.  He has turned his beautiful song into a colorfully illustrated picture book to help young children understand more about what America stands for.  The book includes a download link for his song as well so the whole family can learn and enjoy Proud to be an AmericanThe beautiful illustrations are by Amanda Sekulow, daughter of Jay Sekulow, counsel to President Trump.

Also included in the package is an activity workbook that explains the language of the Pledge for primary age children. The sturdy double-sided placemat shows the flag on one side and complete lyrics for My Country ‘Tis of Thee, God Bless America and The Star-Spangled Banner along with a colorable drawing of the flag and the text of the Pledge of Allegiance on the other side.  The Wee Sing patriotic songbook and CD will be enjoyed by the whole family.  It includes music for recorder and chords for guitar or ukulele.  This is a great time for children to learn an instrument if they haven’t already.

Finally, the Patriotic Unit Study Package includes two books about the origin of the Pledge and the story of our flag.  These can be read-alouds for the family or can be read independently by older children and teens. The Story of the Pledge of Allegiance by John Hudson Tiner tells the almost forgotten story behind the creation of the Pledge and the various people who inspired and contributed to it.  The Story of the American Flag by Wayne Whipple is a reprint of a book published in 1910 which contains The History of the Stars and Stripes in Picture, Prose, Poetry, and Song.   It is a treasure containing little known facts about the history of flags as well as the story of our flag along with patriotic poetry and songs to learn and enjoy.

This package can be the beginning of more interesting studies and research into the amazing story of the United States of America.  We will be glad to customize it to your family’s needs if you contact us at Excellence In Education (626) 821-0025 or at eiebookstore@gmail.com.

Price for separate items:  $56.89

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